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Football can be an expensive game - but that doesn’t mean your gifts should be, too! We prepared this gift guide for adults who want to delight the young football players in their lives without spending a fortune.

1. Stylish football sneakers - $59.99

Kicks never go out of style and are very easy to match with casual outfits. These cool sneakers can give a jeans-and-simple-shirt outfit an instant oomph!

soccer sneakers

soccer sneakers 2

soccer sneakers 3


2. Chic “I believe in you” football jewelry pieces - starting from $29.99

Studies by the Institute of Made-up Football Studies have shown that 100% of footballers love football jewelry pieces. Seriously, our jewelry pieces have made tough footballers of any ages cry. 

Our jewelry pieces are made in America (by moms, actually), custom-printed, and can be upgraded to gold plating if you want something fancier. You can also request for a custom engraved message on the back for just an additional of $10. 

football/soccer jewelry pieces

We have necklaces, bangles, and bracelets that you can choose from. Choose your jewelry piece here.

3. Round-the-clock football watch - $49.99

How about a watch that screams every hour is football time? Uh, yes please! Our football watch is a hit among footballers and comes with black, white, and brown leather bands and stainless steel band.

football watch

Learn more here

4. Extremely comfy football duvet covers and pillowcases - $79.99

Putting hyper kids to sleep can be a nightmare sometimes, but these cuddly soft duvet covers can hopefully help. They come with a matching set of pillowcases. Shut up and take my money!

soccer bedding set

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football bedding set

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5. Cuddle-up football blankies - $59.99

These blankets made in heaven (nah, but it's close!) will surely be a hit because of their super soft material and the amazing feeling of wrapping your entire body like a cocoon. Your kids (or you, we don't judge!) can use these to stay cozy while watching, scaring other people, pretending they’re some kind of a football hero, or whatever kids do these days.

soccer blanket

get this soccer blanket

football blanket

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6. ProKix Solo Soccer Trainer - $24.99

There are times when your kid wants to practice soccer at home, but it's either you're too busy or their siblings (if they have any) just aren't into it. It's awfully hard to practice soccer without a partner. They'd have to run after the ball after every kick - and they waste so much time doing this. And you don't want them to do it with a wall either, it's almost a guarantee it will be ruined! 

This is exactly why the ProKix Solo Soccer Trainer was made. It helps soccer players have a solo practice without chasing the ball so they can maximize their time and get as many touches as possible. They can also use it indoors. Pretty nifty, huh? 

Watch this quick video to see how it works:

Get the ProKix here

There you go! Hope you got an idea or two on what to give your young athlete. 

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