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Congratulations to the city of Boston for changing the name Yawkey Way outside of Fenway park which gave thoughts of racism especially in connection with the former owner. The oldest ballpark in MLB is the Fenway Park located in Boston Massachusetts at 4 Yawkey Way. This park has been home for the Boston Red Sox since 1912. In February the baseball team filled in a petition to change the name.

The name Yawkey was derived from former Red Sox owner called Tom Yawkey. Mr. Yawkey owned the team from 1933 still 1976 and the street which was previously called Jersey was renamed to Yawkey in honour of him a year after he died. Although Tom Yawkey was a philanthropic, his club portrayed racist characteristics and recently team owners and the baseball team decided not to be part of a history characterized by racism under the former but late owner Tom Yawkey.

Amongst all teams in the majors, the Red Sox team was the last to hire a black player. Elijah Jerry Green was the first in 1959 and twelve years later, Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier with another team called the Brooklyn Dodgers. Previously the Sox front office was noted for spewing the n-word as many fans were fun of doing that as well and it was seen as a racism act.

Last summer, Adam Jones an Orioles center fielder accused a Sox fan for hurling the n-word at him and throwing a bag of peanuts at him, this scandal rose awareness and lead to several apologetic messages from current Sox owners who felt shocked by the fans behaviour. The team took hard measures against the fan by banning him for life and reiterating the fact that Sox have zero tolerance for such behaviours. Furthermore the sox owners have or are doing a lot to finally eliminate that racial aspect amongst the teams fans and one of the greatest step was to strip the Yawkey’s name from the street they called Fenway’s front door.

Recently the Massachusetts city’s public improvement committee voted to change the address of h Yawkey way to Jersey Street due to concerns of alleged racism linked to the name. The street located opposite the famous Fenway Park will now be changed and given its original and previous name of Jersey Street.

One of the Red Sox reiterated that the change of name was to demonstrate to the world that Fenway Park is inclusive and welcoming to all and John Henry who is the current Red Sox owner indicated that he was haunted by what he described as the team’s racist past. Furthermore in an online statement published by the Yawkey Foundations Charity, they acknowledged the fact that they had strong feelings about the team’s “record concerning race and inclusivity” but further said they hoped Tom Yawkey will be remembered as the good and decent man he truly was”.